The Arunachala-Live Photo Gallery

Images of Arunachala including Girivalam and the ashrams and temples of Tiruvannamalai
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01-Arunachala Deepam
01-Arunachala Deepamthe holy cauldron stored in the temple mandapam
02-Ramana Maharshi
02-Ramana MaharshiSri Ramana Maharshi
03-RamanashramSamadhi of Sri Ramana Maharshi in Ramanashram
04-Arunachala Deepam
04-Arunachala DeepamLighting of Pancha Deepam in the big temple of Arunachala during Karthigam deepam festival
05-Arunachala Deepam
05-Arunachala Deepamcrowds during Karthigai deepam festival
06-Arunachala Deepam
06-Arunachala Deepamprocession of the great chariot during Karthigai deepam festival
07-RamanashramBhagavan Ramana's Nirvana room where he spent his last earthly hours
08-Arunachala Deepam
08-Arunachala Deepamclose view of Arunachala Maha Deepam - the holy beacon on top of the sacred mountain
09-Arunachala Deepam
09-Arunachala Deepamview of big temple of Arunachala seen from the hill
10-Ramana Maharshi
10-Ramana MaharshiSri Ramana Maharshi
11-Arunachala Deepam
11-Arunachala Deepamcrowds in the courtyard of Arunachala big temple prior to the lighting of the holy beacon.
12-Ramana Maharshi
12-Ramana MaharshiSri Ramana Maharshi
13-Arunachala Deepam
13-Arunachala DeepamGoddess being taken out in chariot procession during Deepam festival celebration
14-RamanashramAgni homam in Ramanashram
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