Adi Mudi Siddhar Jiva Samadhi

  • On the outer girivalam road just after the Vediyappan kovil (which was described in an earlier post) is the Samadhi shrine of Sri Adi Mudi Siddhar. He is supposed to have lived here in the beginning of the 20th century and attained heavenly abode towards the middle of the century.

    Different legends revolve around this saint and one of them being that he was a very advanced siddha purusha who could take the guise of wild animals and roam around the forest on the hill at night in this form. The samadhi where he is interred is in a little shrine with a votive Shiva lingam where puja is performed daily by a few sadhus of this area. It is not really visible from the main road and attracts few devotees.

    The speciality attributed to this saint is that he has the power to grant relief to people suffering from ‘Othai Thalaivali” or one-sided migraine headaches. One suffering from this ailment is supposed to make three turns around the samadhi and beat his head on the walls of the inner chamber after each turn and after this to proceed on giri pradakshina. Such an act is believed to grant a permanent cure from migraine to the suffering person.