Day 10:48 pm

  • New camera installation

    Due to technical problems, we have recently changed the wide angle camera.  The previous camera developed problems with time sequencing which made control of image uploads difficult.

    Through the contributions of devotees we were able to purchase the new camera and now it is installed. You will notice an increase in clarity as well as the correct time. The previous camera will need to be returned to the USA for repair and when it returns will be used as a spare in case of future trouble.

    These cameras are remarkable for their endurance. They are exposed to rain, sun, and weather of all types, which we know can be harsh and unforgiving here in South India, but they still are able to upload an image every minute, day after day.

    Maintenance is involved, as well as regular costs and we are fortunate that devotees, appreciating the value of our service, have contributed what they could. We give our heartfelt thanks to those who have helped us make Arunachala-Live possible.

    We welcome any assistence devotees can provide. The long term existence of Arunachala-Live requires regular financial support.

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  • from talk 597 ‘Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi’

    M.: A practiser gains peace of mind and is happy. That peace is the result of his efforts. But the real state must be effortless. The effortless samadhi is the true one and theperfect state. It is permanent. The efforts are spasmodic and so also their results.

    When the real, effortless, permanent, happy nature is realised it will be found to be not inconsistent with the ordinary activities of life. The samadhi reached after efforts looks like abstraction from the external activities. A person might be so abstracted or live freely among people without detriment to his Peace and Happiness because that is his true nature or the Self.

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