Day 5:39 pm

  • Tamil Parayana

    The Tamil parayanam has been an inspiring daily event in the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi as far back as the Skandashram days (1916-22). The Maharshi would invariably stop all activity, sit erect and remain inwardly absorbed during the recitations. The repertoire consists of the Maharshi’s works, ancient advaitic texts and on Saturday is sung the Ramana Sthuthi panchakam, the compositions of the mysterious devotee-poet Sri Satyamangalam Venkatramiar.

    Today, the Tamil parayanam continues to thrill hundreds of devotees from India and abroad. It is sung six days of the week, Monday to Saturday, at 6:30 in the evening and is often heralded by the trumpeting cries of the peacocks who at times seem to be enthusiastically joining in the chorus.

    A devotee feels that it instills a sense of spiritual discipline, to be seated daily on the floor in the Samadhi hall for three quarters of an hour and sing untiringly the different spiritual compositions and verses in praise of Ramana and Arunachala. One is gently rocked in the wave of grace which appears to rise with the chanting and while the lips sing the melodious lyrics, the mind is quietened and purified, preparing one to enter into deep meditation later on.

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